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Installing and Upgrading

Black Hawk Down

We have some good news for new and old customers! We have reopened our Black Hawk Down Game Servers! With a game server, you don’t have to worry about setup, or managing your own files! When you order a game server with us, you’ll be granted access to BMTv3 in order to punt, ban, etc..

Game Server vs Nova Dedicated Server

The difference between a game server and a Nova Dedicated Server depends on your experience. Most squads/clans run off of Game Servers instead of Dedicated Servers. With a Dedicated Server, you, the client, are responsible for maintaining the software and server files as well as setup. When you order a game server, we maintain the software and server files and setup.

For the casual home user; a game server is usually the way to go. More experienced users usually like dedicated servers due to the user access level they can gain vs a normal game server. Also, with game servers you’re normally only allowed Rcon access, or some sort of Remote Console access instead of physical access to the machine.